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Old 09-06-2022, 11:35 AM
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Default Best Skinning Knife for $200 or Less

Originally Posted by fishnguy View Post
Haha. Why did you order purple though? Doesnít look too bad though, but definitely wouldnít be my first choice, or second.

Thatís how exclusives work. Iíve got over half a doz scale options so I knew I could dress it however I want.
Iím also aware what theyíre selling for now and always knew I would have the potential to see a good return on my initial $160 investment.

Theyíre worth a fair bit more then that over here due to how rare it is here.

Between the m390, 20cv and two in CTS-204p that I already use Iím in good shape. I might throw that Cruwear blade in a different handle and give it a try or I might sell it. I havenít decided and for now itís sitting safely in my safe.

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