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Old 01-08-2023, 09:32 AM
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Default Sindh ibex

Sitting in the airport in Istanbul
Figure Iíd start this thread now and update it as it Happens
Journey started yesterday at 430am when I left for my 730 departure
Went for Edmonton to San Francisco, had a 3 hour layover, then a 12-13 hour flight over to Istanbul. Anyone that thinks these hunts are a walk in the park have never flown this far. Being cramped on a plane for 12 hours plus sucks lol I donít fly business or first class. Why is that? Because it costs a small fortune lol. Flights return In economy is around $3200. Bump that up to business itís $7500-8000.
Running on around 3 hours sleep. Going to try and sleep the whole way from Istanbul to Islamabad. 6 hour flight, arrive at 430 am. From there we fly to Karachi and then drive to the hunting area.

Canít wait to see what this part of the world is like
Should be pretty cool
Wish me luck
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