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Old 06-16-2019, 01:07 PM
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Default Tobin Lake Saskatchewan June 2019

Just returned from two days fishing at Tobin Lake in Sask.

I looked for some time to find a current early summer fishing report and wasn’t able to find much online. So...... in case someone else is wanting some information I figured I would post a report.

We rented a 16.5 foot boat with a 75 hp outboard from Tobin Lake Resort. The boat was well used but clean and ran very well. Cost was $185 per day. Hours were reasonable flexible, they simply required we be back in by 9:00 PM. Didn’t want the boat out after dark. Very understandable as far as I’m concerned. Gasoline to refill was reasonable for a resort facility. The staff was most helpful in drawing reliable fishing locations on their map of Tobin Lake.

I had read many glowing reports of very large northern pike in the fall and big walleye. The folks that rented us the boat told us the fishing should be as good or better the second week of June as it is in September/October but the fish hadn’t put on much weigh yet, so........ expect good fishing but not as heavy this early in the year. His perspective seemed to hold true, for us.

We tried to target large pike at Pelican Point, during the middle of the day. It was fairly slow....... in about 10 hours of fishing, over two days, we caught 10 or 12 northerns, mostly in 24” to 26” size. One smaller and one larger that measured 36”. Weighed right at 12 pounds. Caught the large one on a 7” white swim shad with blue fish head 3/8 oz jig head. The rest were caught on 3” Five of Diamonds.

We fished for walleye a few hundred yards south of the Tobin Lake Resort Marina, straight out from the first point south of the Marina, in 22’ of water.

From 6:00 PM until 8:45 both nights, three of us caught between 40 and 50 walleye, from 10” to 20” in length. We used a pale yellow with black and red eye, fluorescent paint jig baited with a live leech, purchased at the Marina.

As fast as we could get the bait on the bottom and back up 3” to 6” a walleye would take it. A third of the hits would take the bait and we would miss the set, requiring a new leech. They would not take anything but a live leech, hooked a 1/4 behind the head of the leech. Nor would they take it off the bottom or a foot above the bottom. It had to be suspended 3-6” up from the bottom or nothing would happen but once the bait was in that zone. They’d take it. The bite was very soft and you’d only feel the hit when you’d jig the bait upward. If you felt a hit and not fish, you had to rebait. They took the leech and jig 90% of the time.

We returned every fish, had no way to cook them, so back they all went. A Sask fish and game watched us from the point and checked us at our pickup. He was very professional, respectful and helpful. A nice officer and represented Sask fish and game very well.

Hope this information helps someone else what is wanting to fish Tobin Lake.

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Old 06-16-2019, 03:01 PM
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Went out with a group of 4 guys last week for 6 days of fishing. Rented a place on Pruden's point.

There was a slot restriction of 55 cm-86 cm on walleye. We all caught countless (hundreds) of small walleye - in that 40cm and under size but, strangely, very few between the 40cm and 55cm size (the ones that you would want to fillet). I wonder if this has something to do with the fact those are the ones everyone is allowed to keep.

We also caught several 6-10lb walleye (well over 55cm but well under 86cm) every day of the trip - amazing healthy fat walleyes. These all swam to live another day thanks to the slot restriction.

Pike were caught everyday with a few each day in the 5-19 lb range which was nice. Nobody broke over 20lbs this trip, but they are definitely in there.

Was a great trip.

The guys in the other boat lost an anchor to all of that sunken tree junk on the bottom of the lake and tons of lures and crank baits. We lost fewer lures but also stuck to more jigging and far less bouncing or trolling.

Watch out for deadheads and floating wood. Got to swap out a prop this afternoon - as I found a floating stick as I burned across the lake one afternoon.
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Old 06-17-2019, 06:58 PM
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Your walleye sizes are very familiar, that is very typical to us as well. I love bottom bouncing so I do lose a bit of tackle and unfortunately I broke a rod last year because I had the drag set tight and couldn't react fast enough to a dead head. We are heading there next week and hope to get a few of those legendary "just below slot" size walleye for the pan and a couple of 20+ pike for pictures.
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Old 06-18-2019, 08:07 AM
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Thanks for the updates guys! Great posts!
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