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Old 09-27-2014, 06:48 AM
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Default Traps in stock, Trap Accessories

A list of the traps that we currently have in stock:

Bridger #3 Canadian Modified $418.00/dz
Bridger #3 4 Coil Offset $250.00/dz
Bridger #3 2 Coil Offset $220.00/dz
Bridger #3 Rubber Jaw $297.00

Duke 1.5 coil Standard Jaw... $96.00/dz
Duke #1 Guard Trap... $125.40
Duke #1 Longspring... $99.00
Duke #1 Longspring Double Jaw. $117.60

Sleepy Creek 1 1/2 Longspring

Bridger 110
Bridger 220

Duke 110
Duke 160

Duke DP Coon Trap
Z-Trap DP Coon Trap

Bodygripper Stands for 110/120, 160

Victor Rat Traps

Super Stake Ends
Finned Super Stake Ends
Super Stake Drivers
MB Crunchproof Swivels
Swivel Rivets

Paws-I-Trip Pans
Stainless Steel Rod Dogs for Paws-I-Trip Pans

JC Conner In-Line Shock Springs

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