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Old 05-13-2015, 08:45 AM
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Default Fresh 1/16" Lightning Locks 05/2015

We finally got our fresh run of 1/16" Lightning Locks. These are the best made and most strong Lightning Lock that we have ever had, better than the first, run, very hard steel, non-brittle. These are being manufactured in a new factory.

I'm going to continue to say, "For Coyote Use Only" .

Coupled with the Magnum Stinger Kill Spring, I am getting the best snare kills of my life with the Magnum/Lightning Lock combo with 1/16" 1x19 cable.

The 2015 1/16" Lightning Lock has only 4 teeth instead of 6. The two useless teeth have been dropped. Remaining teeth are same size in same location as before. I will try to get some picts up soon.
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