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Old 10-20-2019, 08:18 AM
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Default Buying Coyotes this Fall and Winter - An Informative Read

I may as well start advertising!

I do buy some coyotes. Will be paying a good dollar. The market is developing at this time. Last season ended on a hot market in which we cashed in on at the sale. However, it is a new season and each new season the market has to re-establish itself and the forecast is high pup numbers, the bigger the harvest the less end users are willing to pay. It is supply and demand. Prices will start at the same levels buyers started off last season with. If a shortage develops later on, expect a price increase, likewise if the market fills up, expect it to soften. Basic supply and demand principles definitely apply!

I am looking for large collections of whole carcass coyotes and also will be buying collections of skinned and stretched goods. However, I am still trapping so that means I am limited as to when I can do this. If you want to come to Hays to sell, I will be open Saturdays when I'm not on the road for sure, likely one evening per week as well. No Sunday calls for selling fur.

I carry a travelling dealers licence and am willing to drive for significant collections of coyotes. I will be sure to be more than competative. If you have a significant collection of whole frozen coyotes, make sure you give me a call. Please keep it Edmonton south for now. If you are willing to meet me halfway, that would be awesome! I'm still trying to trap and my buying time is limited.

Currently with warm Oct/Nov temperatures, please be sure to freeze whole any shot coyotes. Please hang your coyote outside in the shade or building to cool overnight, and once cool and stiff and stretched out, then freeze. You will get more coyotes in a freezer this way than all balled up. By hanging, they can also bleed out. Hang by the feet, not the tendon please or makes opening cuts less fun.

Market seeks clean goods. Clean goods means trapped, snared, or slight damaged rifle shot.

To all rifle hunters, please buy yourself a .204 for yourself for an early Christmas present, and tell your wife that Marty said you could! We do love buying .204 shot coyotes, the very best calling caliber unless you are into long distance shooting, but will do you good to 400 yards and that is most shooters' ethical limit.

Here's one for all shooters, Many, many coyotes are wounded on those long distance desperation shots, when this happens, the skin is damaged and often somebody else is going to collect that pelt, but the same group of end-users will end up buying it. Wounded coyote's pelts get screwed very badly while they heal, causes much problems in raw fur repair as well as end user repair. I would encourage people to attempt ethical shots only, which is different for every shooter according to your abilities.

Early flat skins will be discounted due to grade, Average II's. Bad rifle damage obviously will be downgraded.

Favourite loaded ammunition is Federal Classics PSP in the smaller calibers. Though exits are regular, they are generally very small.

If you must shoot large calibers, please buy FMJ ammunition or please hand load FMJs and careful with your direction!

Todays market is different than yesteryears, bad damage is not desireable and will be discounted heavily. Again if you use a cannon, consider investing in something smaller, either a .204 or .223.

I actually hate headshots very hard to make a nice skin when half his head is missing and the damage continues into the neck, neck shots are horrific also to repair. Broadside always shoot thru the ribs, a little ways behind the shoulder. Stay away from the shoulder.

I will pay a premium on good snared and trapped coyotes! These are most valuable to the industry.

Skinned froze coyotes must be thawed prior to buying, I must insect every skin properly. Another pointer, if skinning warm coyotes, cool flat outside overnight prior to rolling up to freeze. The key with pelt freezing, just like meat, let stuff properly cool before stacking in a freezer.

One other tidbit... Lice and sarcoptic mange coyotes. Lice coyotes are not real desireable, when you see coyotes that have fur issues on the shoulder and neck, these are generally chewing lice coyotes. Coyotes with a small amount of lice impact will have a small value but we would prefer to put quality coyotes to market. Anything nasty looking, please throw away. Coyotes with mange are no value. Please dispose of all mange coyotes.

Call or text to make an appointment. Nicest thing for both is to gather your coyote buddies and makes it much easier for me to buy at one location.

It's a brand new year out there! Good luck to all and do stay safe!
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