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Originally Posted by Demonical View Post
Shoot a deer skin a deer...

Holy crap the over-analysis that this thread has caused.


A ****ing $5 knife is every bit as good as the so-called $200 knife, which who the hell would spend $200 on a knife for skinning deer??
Totally disagree.
Yes shoot a deer skin a deer.....can be done with a 2$ knife...

Analyzing how our tools perform is exactly what we do some its about caliber, others about glass, or high tech clothing. Knives are no different.. for me a knife is extremely important as it might be the difference between being able to complete the job without wrecking my hands or paying for a few minutes work with pain for days. Efficiency of work makes a difference. Inefficient adds stresses and extra effort that while you may not notice it does or can play a toil. When I use a knife I want it to do the work not me. Some guys pay 400$ for a shirt because it performs above the level of a walmart camo. Knives are no different.

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