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Default Predator management and trying something different.

Coyote prices are down, the thoughts of great prices are behind us. One thing that will prove valuable to you in the future when prices rise is to do your homework. Step out of your comfort zone and get ahold of some of the new products on the market and run them through their paces. It will get you out in the field and while prices are low itís a great time to set a few new style snares. Maybe what youíre used to seems to be working but, what if just working isnít good enough and that new product design and snare system proves to be better. You will be money ahead and out in front when prices come back around.

Even if you play around with one or two bait sites or locations you will be contributing to the reduction of predators in your area. A good managed population is one of the reasons we do what we do. And fine tuning your techniques is a great thing to do when prices are low. When prices go up your ready to go.

If new products and a fresh look at snare design and functionality interest you ,have a look or give us a call at Lights Out Snaring. Check out our website, Facebook and YouTube channel we look forward to hearing from you.


Corey Grover
Lights Out Snaring
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