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Old 07-18-2021, 05:00 AM
james913 james913 is offline
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Originally Posted by Ncameron View Post
Hello all,

I've been lurking on this forum for years but finally starting to post in some of the threads and join the conversation. I grew up around Edmonton and now live in Calgary. I've hunted for years and have just started in "back country" hunting.

Hello and welcome
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Old 07-18-2021, 05:02 AM
james913 james913 is offline
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Originally Posted by ThirtyCal View Post
Wouldn't want to spread viruses on the forum! Haha
Hello and howdy
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Old 08-24-2021, 07:46 AM
TheFall TheFall is offline
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Default Long time lurker

Hello all,

I have been a member of this form for years, but I have never posted. Figured I better introduce myself so I could start contributing. I am southern/central Alberta born and raised. I grew up on a cattle/export hay/crop farm and have always had a real passion for the outdoors. I took sort of a hiatus, outside hiking, when I moved off the farm into town, but I have recently started getting back into camping, fishing and would like to get into hunting more than just problem varmints.

Looking forward to contributing and learning.

edit: apparently I have posted before, still probably need to introduce myself after the long time away
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Old 09-27-2021, 10:43 AM
michaex michaex is offline
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I've been dropping by the forum for some time now - now I'd like to contribute if I can.

It's a great source of knowledge!

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Old 09-30-2021, 09:16 PM
FPS117 FPS117 is offline
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Default Exploring new adventures

Hey all, new guy here 🤓 Iíve recently bought a house in Black Diamond area, Iíve dabbled in sheep in 440 and regularly moose in 353. Not overly comfortable with bothering strangers and knocking on doors looking for permission so Iím thinking of poking around the crown land in 402. Anything crawling around there in November? any thoughts on the zone and exploring it? I work long shifts in the Arctic but I get long days off to go play in the woods.
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Old 10-20-2021, 12:25 PM
Newbii Newbii is offline
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Default Hi!!!

Hi guys!!! Iím Amanda I donít know much about hunting but Iím trying to figure it out lol we own 20 acres surrounded on 3 sides by a wildlife preserve in wmu 248 so we see deer all the time and moose lots and I just want them in my freezer!!! Haha my bf doesnít have much time for hunting these days so Iím going to see if I can learn
Iíll prob mostly just hide on here and read your posts! Thanks for letting me in your boys club hehehe!
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Old 11-07-2021, 10:53 PM
ShakyCA ShakyCA is offline
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Location: Okotoks, Alberta
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Hi Rick here from Okotoks, new to hunting and looking to get out with some people.

Can someone activate my account please.

Thank you
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Old 01-30-2022, 09:08 AM
Stuntcarpenter Stuntcarpenter is offline
Join Date: Jan 2022
Location: Airdire
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Default New from Airdrie

Hi Everyone,

Iím Jason from Airdrie, was a big hiker and occasional fish man in by younger years before I opened my business and had kids. Meet my wife in scouts and we did a lot of camping and backpacking early on.
We have started getting back into outdoor life now that the Boys are getting older(5y,3y) we we bought our own camp trailer (Jan2021)
We started fishing as a family this year even though we are terrible.
I also went clay shooting for the first time at Silver Willow this past Friday. I have already booked my CFSC for Feb and will be joining Siliver Willow as soon as I get my Pal.

I am excited to come and learn here.
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Old 02-06-2022, 07:34 AM
lu_mckin lu_mckin is offline
Join Date: Feb 2022
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Hello everyone! I'm new here. Hope to find some useful info and have good time.
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Old 02-07-2022, 04:48 PM
Bear Butchering Bear Butchering is offline
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Default We are the Anderson Family and Bear Butchering

Hello there Folks!

This is Bjorn Anderson here, owner of Bear Butchering, a little butcher shop located in the foothills of the Livingstone Range. On the morning of January 28 a fire started in my butcher shop which quickly spread into the rest of the house. Thankfully my family was able to exit safely, and miraculously the fire was extinguished before everything turned to ashes. We still do not know what, if any, of the house or shop will be repairable.

I started my shop up 8 years ago, not exactly knowing what I was getting myself into, besides a lot of work Through those last 8 years the greatest satisfaction I have experienced in the business has been the relationships that I have developed with my customers. The largest part of my customer base are hunters, and I have enjoyed sharing in their successful hunts when they drop off an animal, and providing them with quality food they can enjoy in their own homes.

Since we had the fire, my family has been overwhelmed with love, support and generosity. Once again, a large portion of that generosity and care has come from those same hunting customers.

I'll take this opportunity to say thank you to the folks in this AOF community, who have went out of their way to set up this fundraiser for me and my family. Though I don't know who many of you are here on this forum, just knowing that there is a community of people out there who are generous and who care is a big blessing to us. Thank you again!
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Old 03-22-2022, 08:09 PM
Stirlingville Stirlingville is offline
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Default hello

wmu 210
near Stirlingville.
like Upland and gopher hunting.
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Old 03-30-2022, 12:59 PM
auroras auroras is offline
Join Date: Mar 2022
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Just a young man who's getting his PAL (and RPAL!) shortly

Wanted to interact with like-minded folks I guess.
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Old 03-30-2022, 05:54 PM
djb1 djb1 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2020
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Happy to join the club. Long time shooter/hunter.
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Old 04-07-2022, 04:09 PM
Hunter5425's Avatar
Hunter5425 Hunter5425 is offline
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Location: Regina
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Default New from Sask

Hi all, I'm a long time hunter especially for upland birds. Looking forward to learning a lot from the fine folks here.
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Old 04-21-2022, 10:06 AM
BoondockDad BoondockDad is offline
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Location: Nobleford
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Default New to Alberta

Just joined the forum, been hunting for many years before moving across the country to this fine province! Good to be here!

Me and my wife moved to Southern Alberta last summer and have really been enjoying the mountain backcountry with our children.

Really hoping to meet some people on here that are into similar things, trying to make some new friends!

As a family we enjoy hikes, camping, quad trails and have just recently got back into horseback riding.
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Old 04-21-2022, 04:38 PM
jumbuck jumbuck is offline
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Default New Contributor

Hi everyone,
I'm a long time lurker on the forums. I have been hunting here in southern Alberta for the past 3 years. The forum has been invaluable to me in the start of my hunting journey. I hope to contribute and learn a ton from everyone on the forums.
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Old 04-23-2022, 05:36 PM
Pelican Pelican is offline
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Default Hello

Hi from Edmonton. This looks like an interesting place.
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Old 04-27-2022, 09:52 PM
Jul09 Jul09 is offline
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Default Hello! :)

Hello everyone! I've already had some posting activity here, but I think it is never too late to indroduce! Glad to be here with you, wish all the best!
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Old 04-29-2022, 09:18 AM
Elghund Elghund is offline
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Location: Grande Prairie
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Default Hello

New member from Grande Prairie. This forum has been my go-to in a lot of things. After lurking for a long time, I've finally signed up!
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Old 04-29-2022, 03:56 PM
antonfrau antonfrau is offline
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Default Newbie

Hi there! Im newbie here
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Old 05-27-2022, 12:11 PM
Dustee Dustee is offline
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Default New from BC

Hey hey!

Just moved to Lethbridge with my wife from BC. I wasn't super active in the hunting community there but want to be active in the hunting/fishing/outdoor community here. I'm looking forward to learning about a new province!

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Old 06-06-2022, 08:26 AM
ironicbrew ironicbrew is offline
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Default Hello

Had my account for > 5 years and only ever lurked

Should change that, hello all
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Old 06-22-2022, 01:40 PM
Chowdowncowtown Chowdowncowtown is offline
Join Date: Jun 2022
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Hello all,

Been lurking the forum here and there for years, but decided to sign up as I'm finally getting started as a first-time hunter this year, as part of an effort to get more personally involved with the food that I eat and get away from imported/feedlot meats. Looking forward to learning more!
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Old 06-22-2022, 10:23 PM
FourJo FourJo is offline
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Hi to everyone! I'm new to the forum.
Happy to chat with everyone
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Old 07-04-2022, 11:09 AM
Nedyarb Nedyarb is offline
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Location: Calgary
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Hello everybody,

I've gone on this forum a bit for info here and there, but I finally thought I would join a few days ago. I love to fish for whatever bites.
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Old 07-12-2022, 10:43 PM
Dutch1987 Dutch1987 is offline
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Hey..New bow hunter here. Looking forward to the draw results. Have passed the new hunter course and have bow hunting license and will know soon where I can go based on the draw. But that's about all I know! Never hunted before just getting into it first time this year. What are some good newby hunting books or other resources besides the endless hours of youtube videos I have watched?lol
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Old 07-18-2022, 05:13 PM
Landshark Landshark is offline
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Talking My new sign. Gone Fishing!

Hello everyone.
I joined this forum to discover places to fish and people to fish with. I just bought a tin Jon boat and motor and want to use it as much as possible.
I've also applied for my PAL, 11 weeks ago, and I've not heard anything from the authorties since. When and if I'm granted permission to aquire a long rifle, I will. Then I'll go plinking.
Fishing anyone?
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Old 07-28-2022, 06:09 AM
markuss markuss is offline
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Default I'm Markus

Hi, my father was a hunter, I wanted something to remember him by, and he left me his ammo, so I guess I'll try hunting and now I'm here)
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Old 07-28-2022, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Dutch1987 View Post
What are some good newby hunting books or other resources besides the endless hours of youtube videos I have watched?lol
This all day long! http://albertaregulations.ca/huntingregs

Read it through, read it through again...

Print copies are usually available at sporting goods stores (Canadian Tire etc.) so they are handy to have in the vehicle, or the magazine rack in the W.C., etc...
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Old 08-10-2022, 12:57 PM
stratta stratta is offline
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Location: Edmonton
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Default Albertan

Hi, thanks for this forum! I've drilled through alot of the info on here, thanks for everyone who posts.
I grew up in Swan Hills Alberta, I spent most of my childhood summers fishing and sailing on lesser slave lake. (Spruce Point Park, Kinuso)
I know live in Edmonton and we are currently building a private campground near Fort Assiniboine, Athabasca river area. We used to do an annual canoe trip from blue ridge to fort Assiniboine every September long, now that I am older, me and the gang like to have some luxuries when camping :-)

I enjoy fishing, beer, bushwacking, quading, mini trucking, and watching wildlife.
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