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Old 07-13-2013, 05:26 PM
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Default Canadian Beowulf Magazines**** ALERT****

Hey all,

Just got an email from the manufacture of the PCV-50 mags,
Apparently there has been a quality control tolerance error, and some of the mags they have sold can hold more than 5 beowulf rounds, making them prohibited.

They have sent an email to everyone who bought directly thru them online, asking us to replace the rivet with a larger one ourselfs, or to email them if we are not comfortable to do so, and they will send a shipping label,
But this info wont get to anyone who bought them privately, used, or over the phone.

I know CGN had a big old locked thread saying that this item should be avoided til the rcmp clear it, and what not. Guess this is a decent example why!

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