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Old 09-24-2017, 07:06 AM
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Default Noisy qad forks

What is everyone using to silence their draw on qad rest forks?
Hadn't put anything on mine and had a disheartening result....

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Old 09-24-2017, 07:31 AM
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Teflon on my rip cord glids nice and doesn't fold up or wear down like felt
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Old 09-24-2017, 07:34 AM
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I've used the felt patches that you can get almost anywhere and I'm still on my first set it's been almost a year and I shoot everyday.
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Old 09-24-2017, 08:56 AM
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Moleskin. The stuff you use on your feet to prevent blisters.
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Old 09-24-2017, 10:43 AM
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You can also cut some strips from fabric bandaids to wrap around your forks.
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Old 10-19-2017, 09:27 PM
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I was looking to get into a QAD, due to my loud whisker biscuit. Which model, I'm still in researching.?
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