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Default Chilliwack Fish Hatchery

I wasn't going to post this but put it somewhere else and people liked it so thought I'd share here incase anyone was wondering what goes on at a fish hatchery and in case you're even in the area maybe you'd want to go check it out.

The Chilliwack Fish Hatchery is a Fisheries Enhancement Facility and it is open to public during week days until 3:30 PM. During the salmon runs which are generally in the fall you can watch salmon swimming up the river, jumping over obstacles and into hatchery tanks where they wait to spawn. Its a very nice facility and a great place to get nice and close to these amazing fish. Get out there and see pink salmon, chum salmon, Coho Salmon, and Chinook salmon. This will be a brief overview of what you can see in person. If you are visiting Chilliwack British Columbia this may be something you'd like to check out. Just follow the Vedder or Chilliwack River until you arrive. I hope you enjoyed the video and keep on watching.


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