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Old 11-17-2017, 01:16 PM
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Default Ice Fishing Lodge or Cabin Rental?

So last year a few friends rented an ice fishing shack on Lesser Slave Lake. I thought it was smaller than advertised and our "private" outhouse was really, really rough and very small for a He-man like myself (ok I'm fat).

We would like to head out again this winter, and we are willing to go to the NWT if need be.....honestly, we would go almost anywhere. Not hung up on any location, but I'm really not finding many options on Google, very little really.

Can anyone steer me in the right path here? Has anyone rented a nice cabin in the past? Any advice great appreciated.
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Old 11-18-2017, 02:04 AM
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Not knowing your location I can suggest one place that rents a cabin on Pigeon Lake. 1 hour southwest of Edmonton. Camp Maskepetoon on the north west side of Pigeon lake rents a cabin during the winter. About 1 mile east of Zeiner's park. Looking at their rates it says 150.00 per night during off season from Oct. to April. Their website even suggests it as a fishing retreat. Porters cabin is a few yards from the lake shore.

The Porters Cabin (includes 4 bedrooms that sleep up to 16 people, washroom, small kitchen with utensils and dinnerware for 16, living room with indoor stone fireplace, and outdoor firepit)


I have ice fished out in front of the camp and caught whites, walleye and pike. Might have to go further out if the water is still low. I have been in the Porter Cabin and it is an older cabin in a beautiful location sort of by itself in the forested lakeshore. The camp facility manager lives onsite in a log house a couple hundred yards away. Otherwise their is about 200 acres of bush and trails on the property. The cabin is not amongst a bunch of cabins and lots.

Footnote* One of the original trails going from Ft. Edmonton to Ft. Rocky Mtn House and beyond passes within yards of the cabin.
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