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Old 07-26-2009, 07:00 PM
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Default #$@%$#% choked

So I go out fishing around noon, and the first thing I do is set my minnow trap. In about two minutes I have a couple chubs. I leave the trap there for about six hours thinking it is in a good spot. Just before I am about to leave some dork in a bigger boat who has been flying around the lake (speed limit 12 km/hr) churning up the lake making it impossible to see pulls into the bay my trap is in. After about ten or fifteen minutes he comes screaming out of there and screws off to the other side of the lake shooting rooster tails the whole way. I decide it is time to go and head over and low and behold the trap is empty. It only took a few minutes to catch two which I left in there so in my mind it should have been full. What are the odds of the two that were in there getting out and no more going in. I know they are just minnows but thats not the point, what is wrong with some people. The worst part is that it was an old guy with kids, way to set an example. I boiled the whole way off the lake and had I caught him red handed things would have been different.
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