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Old 05-19-2011, 09:14 AM
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Default 6.5 EXTREME, Borden Timberline

I met "pageot" on AmmoGuide. He lives in California and has the first 6.5 EXTREME built in the USA. Jim Borden, of Borden Rifles, is well known in the BR community and makes quality rifles using his own actions. This particular rifle was built as a Long Range Hunter/amateur competition rifle. The following report confirms that it is up to the task.

Today I confirmed several loads for the 6.5 EXTREME (6.5x300RCM). I'll post them. I took an interest in this cartridge nearly two years ago now when lclund1946 brought my attention to it. Shortly after researching I ordered a rifle from Jim Borden built in this cartridge. It took about 18 months to assemble the gun, dies, etc. Here are a couple pictures:

Here is what Jim has to say about it:
This rifle is built by Borden Rifles using a Borden Timberline Receiver fitted with a Hart #5 taper barrel at 26 inches long. the barrel has a twist rate of 1 in 8 inches to stabilize the bullets that will be used in the wildcat chambering-6.5x300 RCM also known as a 6.5 Extreme. Borden fitted and blended one of his muzzle brakes to the barrel leaving no line where the brake meets the barrel. A Jewell HVRTS trigger was installed, timed and adjusted by Borden. Jim Borden Junior pillar bedded the barreled action to a McMillan Holland Sporter pattern stock. The action is sitting on aluminum pillars and is bedded from the tip of the tang to the recoil lug. The bedding is done stress free so that the rifle can be disassembled and reassembled and maintain it's point of impact. Jim Jr also screwed and glued the Decelerator pad to the stock and then blended the pad to the stock so it looks like part of the stock. The finish done by Borden is a polyurethane epoxy finish and is very durable. The rings are Unitized Rings made by Talley for the Borden actions. They are held to the Borden action by snug fitting 8x40 screws. One of the key advantages to having a Borden action is that it is perpendicular and concentric and the scope block holes are in perfect alignment with the axis of the action so no windage adjustment is needed in rings.

I put a Swarovski Z5 6x25 BRX reticle on it. I've shot 393 rounds through it since April 11th. Not one load has exceeded 1 1/2 inches. Of course, I started out with the knowledge that Laverne provided regarding Retumbo and 140 Bergers. At this point I have four different bullets shooting from the .2's - /3's consistently. And three other bullets I'm still working on that are shooting in the .5's. Here are some photos of the best loads.
velocity 3029fps, ES=34, SD=17.
velocity 3200fps, ES=44, SD=22
3196fps ES=19, SD=10.
3117fps, ES=20, SD=10.

I've tried R25 besides Retumbo. It's good. The 140 Sierra GK does better with it so far.

All chronographed loads done with Chrony Beta. All brass trimmed to 2.90 inches. Necks turned to .298. Brass not weighed. Hornady brass is excellent! Seating depths calculated from ogives. 3.467 = touching rifling.

I have a lot to do yet with this gun. It was built as a hunter. But I asked Jim to give me the versatility of shooting in local contests if I wanted to.

I owe a lot of thanks to Laverne (lclund1946) for his patient answers to my many questions, and to Jim Borden as well. It's good to have superstars helping you!!
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Old 05-19-2011, 01:49 PM
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Looks like he's got himself a great shooter there!!

Very nice looking rifle. I had a look at their website and the prices were not TOO scary

Interesting actions as well.

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Old 05-19-2011, 03:11 PM
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Love it! Those 6.5s are where its at.
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