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Question Question: Suggested locations to take a 12yr old winter camping on crown land with reasonable amount of deadfall / firewood?

Howdy Ya’ll

After putting my trailer to bed for the winter in a most undesirable manner, my thoughts have turned to my next fun trip.

I'm planning on taking my 12yr old Nephew out winter camping around the end of December, and thinking of doing a traditional lean-to style shelter, with some tarps and a fire etc. Our lab Duke should finally be healed up enough to be able to enjoy this trip too.

I know the Waiperous / Sundre / Cremona areas relatively well and they are getting pretty picked over for deadfall etc. Not looking for 'your spot' by any means (I see those questions all the time on here) but wondering if any have any suggestions for a crown land camping area that has maybe been recently logged, or has a decent amount of deadfall for shelter building / firewood?

With my Nephew being fairly young I would want to stay fairly close to the truck 'just in case'. He has an interest in hunting etc. so I’d like to get him out trying out my .22 and plink some targets while we’re out there (with parental permission).

He’s been backpacking with my wife and I before, so he should be tough enough to handle a bit of work dragging firewood and little ‘tasks’ I figure out for him to do.

I've got a 4x4 pickup and will finally have some decent off road tires by then. Would like to be within 2hrs of Calgary, or somewhere up near the Sherwood Park area (don't know that area very well at all).

I was thinking maybe down in the porcupines possibly, or just find a new cutblock out west of Sundre somewhere.

Anyhew, here’s a few photos of some of the backcountry and winter trips we’ve done in the past.
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